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Endocrinology is the study of Hormones. This category includes Structure, classification, function and its mechanism.

What is Endocrine system and its secreting Hormones

The study of Endocrine glands and their functions are called ‘Endocrinology’ the term introduced by PENDE. Vertebrates has been attained their systems in evolution. The systems are Respiratory system, Circulatory system, excretory system, Digestive system, Nervous system, Endocrine system and some other systems. In this there are two integrated systems functioning in Homeostasis in vertebrates […]

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What are the Hormones of Gonads and its functions

The Gonads (testes in males, ovaries in females) perform closely related dual functions. Synthesize Sex hormones Produce Germ Cells The steroid sex hormones (gonads secretions) are responsible for growth, development, maintenance and regulation of reproductive system. Sex hormones are essentially required for the development of germ cells. Hormones of Gonads: The sex hormones are categorized […]

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