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What is Mitochondria in Biological Sciences

Mitochondria were first observed by “Altmann” in 1894 who described as “bioblasts”. Benda (1897) called them “mitochondria”. (mitoG =thread; chondrionG=granule). The number of mitochondria varies with the cell type and functional stages. In eukaryotes, approximately 2000 mitochondria occupy one-fifth of its total cell volume. The mitochondrial chemical composition is concerned, mitochondria consist of 65-70% proteins, 25-30% […]

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  • Updated May 20, 2019

Lipid Metabolism: Simple Smart Guide and Notes

The major aspects of lipid metabolism are involved with Fatty Acid Oxidation to produce energy or the synthesis of lipids which is called Lipogenesis. Lipid metabolism is closely connected to the metabolism of carbohydrates which may be converted to fats. This can be seen in the diagram on the left. The metabolism of both is […]

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  • Updated June 21, 2015
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