Which of the following are Classifications of Carbohydrates?

Today we are discussing the basic concept on Carbohydrates Classification from Biomolecules chapter. Carbohydrates are the organic molecules that are composed of the elements carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. These sugars are referred to as saccharides. Carbohydrates are defined as polyhydroxy-aldehydes or polyhydroxy ketones or compounds, which produce them on hydrolysis. They supply energy and serve as structural […]

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  • Updated January 31, 2018

Fatty acids are the Building Blocks of Fats and Oils (Short Notes)

Do you know fatty acids are the basic unit of which macromolecules? Fats are esters of high molecular weight containing Fatty acids(FA) and Glycerol. Glycerol is a trihydric alcohol and therefore one two or all the three hydroxyl groups (OH) can react with FA forming mono, di or triglycerides respectively. These are the basic questions. To solve […]

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  • Updated January 10, 2018

Pyrimidine Synthesis Pathway: Synthesis of pyrimidine derivatives

The pyrimidine synthesis is a similar process than that of Purines(Purines Synthesis). In the de novo synthesis of Pyrimidines, the ring is synthesized first and then it is attached to a ribose-phosphate to for a pyrimidine nucleotide. Pyrimidine rings are assembled from bicarbonate, aspartate and Ammonia. The pyrimidine biosynthesis (de novo pyrimidine synthesis pathway) was […]

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  • May 3, 2017

Estimation of Blood Glucose level by Folin-Wu method

Estimation of Blood Glucose level by Folin-Wu method is one of the clinical biochemistry protocol. You can download this protocols from the given link. Table of Contents Estimation of Blood Glucose level by Folin-Wu methodAim: Principle:Reagents: Procedure:De-proteination of Blood:Normal values:Report:Calculation: Estimation of Blood Glucose level by Folin-Wu method Aim: To estimate Glucose level in Blood […]

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  • Updated July 16, 2017