Protein Fundamental molecules are Amino acids

we are studying only about 20 amino acids, there are about six more found in the body. Many others are also known from a variety of sources. Amino acids are the building blocks used to make proteins and peptides. The different amino acids have interesting properties because they have a variety of structural parts which […]

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  • Updated January 19, 2017

Isolation of Starch from Potatoes

This is the Practical protocol of Isolation of Starch from Potatoes. This is belongs to Nutrition sciences. Now check the protocol on “Isolation of Starch from Potatoes“. Table of Contents Isolation of Starch from Potatoes:AIM: PROCEDURE:PROPERTIES OF STARCH:PREPARATION OF SOLUBLE STARCH:REPORT: Isolation of Starch from Potatoes: AIM: To isolate starch from potatoes PROCEDURE: ¬†Scrap the […]

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  • Updated March 16, 2016