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Assay of Acid Phosphatase enzyme activity from Potatoes

This is the enzymology protocol on “Assay of Acid phosphatase enzyme activity from Potatoes”. Before going to the protocol, we should know few points about phosphatase enzyme. A phosphatase is an enzyme that removes a phosphate group from its substrate by hydrolyzing phosphoric acid monoesters into a phosphate ion and a molecule with a free hydroxyl group. This action is directly opposite to that of phosphorylases and kinases, which attach phosphate groups to their substrates by using […]

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Assay of Salivary Amylase enzyme activity

This article providing the information on “Salivary amylase, functions, and Assay of Salivary amylase enzyme activity”. An enzyme is a protein molecule that is a biological catalyst with three characteristics. The basic function of an enzyme is to increase the rate of a reaction. Most enzymes act specifically with only one reactant, called a substrate, to produce products. Most remarkable characteristic is that enzymes […]

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