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Biochemistry Question Bank for Second B.Sc. Students

Dear Reader, This is academic year ending, examinations started. Students are preparing examinations. We are providing the questions lists, which is prepared from previous papers of the B.Sc. Second year. You can download this Biochemistry Question Bank in designed PDF format from below link. Biochemistry Question Bank for Second B.Sc. Students UNIT 1: Bioenergetics & […]

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Biology Animated Illustrations: Basics in e-Learning modules

The 106 in-depth tutorials are designed to illustrate and explain some of the many complex topics in biology. Each tutorial has four elements: an introduction that describes the topic to be illustrated and puts it into a broader context, a detailed animation that clearly illustrates the topic (there are a few tutorials that include simulations […]

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Mitosis and its Stages in Plants and Animals

The mitosis occurs in the somatic cells and is meant for the multiplication of  cell numbers during embryo-genesis and blastogenesis of plants and animals. Fundamentally, It remains related with the growth of an individual from zygote to adult stage. One of the basic characteristic of the the mitotic cell division  which is meant for the […]

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