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Biochemistry Analysis Questions for Exams (Solved)

1. Provide a reasonable systematic name for an enzyme that catalyzes the following reaction: Fructose + ATP ―> Fructose-1 phosphate + ADP   2. The IUBMB has a developed a set of rules for classifying enzymes based upon the type of the reaction they catalyze. The classification scheme assigns an Enzyme Commission (EC) the number of each enzyme. […]

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  • Updated August 31, 2018

Quantitative Analysis Part 1

Topic: Determination of pKa and pI values of an amino acids by Titrimetic method 1. What are Proteins? Ans: Proteins are the most abundant organic molecules of the living system. They occur in every part of the cell and constitute about 50% of the cellular dry weight. Proteins are organic substances of high molecular weight […]

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  • Updated April 4, 2015